About Us - Goldana


Where we come from and why we are here

Goldana Designs was founded at a time when the world had to bow down to a crippling virus that turned everyone’s life upside down.


Designed by Aurita Vieira, Goldana pushed through the tough times and adorned the bodies of women who insisted on safely breaking through barriers that tried to stop them from celebrating birthdays, baby showers, weddings, and christenings and the list of occasions are endless.

We exist with the sole purpose of bringing antiquated designs into a new era by incorporating urban 90's inspired clothing into timeless pieces, suitable for all. We provide customisation services on all our designs to allow room for any shape and any size to be able to purchase our beautiful garments. So yes, when we say for all, we truly mean it.

Our Values - Our promise to the world

We take immense pride in being a sustainable business that consistently aims to promote economic growth within the local area by locally sourcing materials and producing them ethically. We believe in our workers being paid fairly and treated with the utmost respect. So no, we don’t exploit anyone, and we can guarantee that we never will. 

Our main priority is to add beauty to this world without taking too much away from it and respecting mother nature in the process. Our respect for her is paramount. We promise to not lose sight of our morality and our brand's values. We mean what we say over here, you can trust in us.

Our vision - Where are headed

The brand plans to grow and innovate continuously every year by bringing new pieces for every season. Goldana is more than just a brand, it is a fusion of art and fashion. We are here for the multifaceted women, the ones that are status quo breakers that have no problem being experimental and unforgiving with their style. We cater to all, and we embrace all. So you can count on us to help you in the journey of discovering yourself.

We don’t bow down to limitations, we simply erase them. Designed by a woman, for women. This brand exists because of you, and for you.

With Love,
Goldana Designs