London Fashion week - The creatives X Goldana Designs

London Fashion week - The creatives X Goldana Designs


London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2024 witnessed a dazzling display of creativity and innovation as the esteemed fashion house Goldana Designs took centre stage to showcase its latest collection. Goldana Designs left an indelible mark on the fashion landscape with a runway show that captivated the audience and set new standards for experimental couture.

 Goldana, led by visionary designer Aurita vieira presented a collection that seamlessly blended sophistication with modernity. The runway was transformed into a visual spectacle, with models gracefully strutting down the catwalk, adorned in Goldana's meticulously crafted ensembles that reflected a perfect fusion of elegance and edginess.

The AW24 collection featured a diverse array of silhouettes, textures, and colours, showcasing Goldana's commitment to pushing the boundaries of fashion and remaining sustainable. From the exquisite co-ords, dresses that exuded timeless glamour to sharply tailored designs that redefined power dressing, each piece bore the unmistakable signature of Goldana's design philosophy – a harmonious blend of colour and experimental fashion.

One of the standout elements of the collection was Goldana's innovative use of sustainable materials. In an era where fashion houses are increasingly focusing on eco-friendly practices, Goldana Designs led the way by incorporating ethically sourced fabrics and environmentally conscious production methods without compromising on style or quality. This commitment to sustainability resonated with the audience, establishing Goldana as a frontrunner in the movement towards a more eco-conscious fashion industry.

The runway show also underscored Goldana's dedication to inclusivity, with models of various ages, sizes, and ethnicities gracing the stage. This emphasis on diversity mirrored the brand's belief that fashion should be a celebration of individuality and a platform for empowerment. In addition to the breathtaking garments, Goldana's attention to detail was evident in the accessories that complemented the looks.  Highlighting the brand's commitment to providing a complete and immersive fashion experience.

The front row was graced by fashion influencers, celebrities, and industry insiders, all of whom lauded Goldana Designs for its bold and visionary approach. The collection's positive reception at London Fashion Week hosted by The Creatives solidified Goldana's status as a force to be reckoned with in the global fashion scene.

These were some of our fashion show highlights:

Photographer credit: @lozfolio

                                               LOOK 1 


                                             LOOK 2

                                  LOOK 3

                             LOOK 4


                         LOOK 6

As the curtains closed on Goldana Designs' runway showcase, the fashion world was left buzzing with anticipation for what the brand has in store for the seasons to come. With its unwavering commitment to innovation, sustainability, and inclusivity, Goldana Designs has not only left an indelible mark on London Fashion Week AW24 but has also set the stage for a new era of fashion that values both style and substance.




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“ the fashion world was left buzzing with anticipation for what the brand has in store for the seasons to come.” 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾


Amazing 👏

bakary Manjang

Absolutely stunning, love the attention and detail to every piece. Keep up the good work !


Amazing Goldana! Keep up the hard work🤩


Proper stuff! Outfits looked stunning 🤩


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